The Mitten State

We love Michigan. We live here. We've moved from here. We've returned here. No matter where we end up, Michigan is our home. It's a state of mind. It's a feeling. It's where our hearts will always lie. You see a Mitten Stater out of state and you can tell before whipping out your hand map that there's a special kin-ship. An aura. A sense of belonging.

And it's exactly this passion for our home that drives us to make the best Michigan apparel around. We don't do other states. We do Michigan and only Michigan. We painstakingly put effort into each and every design. Every super-soft shirt. Every impossibly fluffy fleece hoodie. Every Mitten decal you see proudly displayed on cars heading up north for the weekend.

Simply put, The Mitten State apparel is the best in the country. Not just because of the attention to detail, but because we're fortunate enough to celebrate the best state ever. Because every design we make tells a story: about our history, our people, and our places. Because The Mitten State belongs to every Michigander. Where else in the country can you show someone where you're from with your hand? Or order a pop without getting a second look? Or play Euchre with Yoopers while eating pasties overlooking the Mighty Mac?

That's right. Nowhere else. We're The Mitten State. We're made for Michigan.

We love to treat our fellow Mitten Staters!

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