Fetch it Forward!

The Dogtopia Foundation, born out of Dogtopia dog daycare’s Noble Cause, enables dogs to positively change the world. We believe that dogs are not only human’s best friend, but can be a friend to their communities. The Dogtopia Foundation provides the opportunity to elevate communities and fund programs that significantly impact on their three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. By connecting dogs with the programs we support, these loving and devoted dogs are fulfilling their true purpose by helping our returning Veterans, at-risk children and adults with autism reach their full potential.

$5.00 From Every Unisex Tee Sold Goes to the Dogtopia Foundation.

Enabling Dogs to Positively Change Our World

Service Dogs for Veterans

The Dogtopia Foundation supports programs that positively impact the lives of United States military service members and Veterans, including funding service dog training for military Veterans returning home with physical and emotional challenges.

Youth Literacy Programs

The Dogtopia Foundation provides support for innovative youth literacy programs incorporating dogs into their curriculum and educational initiatives to ensure academic success for elementary school students.

Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism

The Dogtopia Foundation and Dogtopia dog daycares support employment initiatives for adults with autism empowering these individuals to learn, grow and build their career at Dogtopia.

Fetch it Forward

Since starting three years ago, the Dogtopia Foundation, with the support of Dogtopia daycares and their pet parents, have raised $489,894, sponsored 51 service dogs for Veteranssupported 8,837 children through youth literacy programs, and employed 20+ adults with autism in Dogtopia daycares across North America. 

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