Help Us Reach Our Goal!

For the month of November, we're giving back 5% of tee shirt sales to the Kids' Food Basket!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising costs of food, we are experiencing a 66% increase in meal costs.

1 in 5 Michigan Children

are affected by hunger and thousands of West Michigan children are food insecure—they can’t count on having access to good, nourishing food every day.

Just $15

can provide a week’s worth of Sack Suppers to a child in our community

Nourishing Kids to be their best, in school and in life. 

Providing a simple evening meal to children living at or near the poverty level is a powerful act alone. When we rally our community together to make that meal possible through service, education, and urban agriculture we are able to create a solution to childhood hunger in two critical ways: providing nourishment children need now, and equipping them with the education needed to make healthy food choices lifelong.

Help us hit our goal!

With the impact of COVID-19, kids need us now more than ever!

The Kids' Food Basket serves thousands of kids for thousands of reasons – all children need good nutrition to be healthy and reach their full potential. By increasing access to fresh foods, we work to overcome health disparities that disproportionately affect children of color and children from low income communities.


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