Welcome To The Kitten State

For years, we've waited for the moment we could come out as our true selves.

You see, The Mitten State was created as a cover for what we actually wanted to be: The Kitten State.

And after 10 years, we've finally found the courage to announce it.
However, the credit really belongs to Joe Exotic.

Binging Netflix this past week, while slouched on the couch under a blanket amidst a pile of potato chip crumbs and empty beer bottles, we realized what courage looks like.

And to be honest, we've never felt more ALIVE.

We're no Carol Baskin. We aren't your average Joe. We're smitten with kittens in the Mitten...

And today is our day to roar.
OK, take it easy Joe.
Not all Carols are bad. There are good, cat-lovin' Carols out there. Like our own Carol Manos at Carol's Ferals.
To help the good Carol, we created an exclusive sticker on sale today:
We're giving 50% of all sales back to her great cause.

And not to be outdone by Joe Exotic, our very own Chris "Doesn't Hiss" Andrus from The Mitten... errr, The Kitten Brewery is here to serenade you with his acoustic version of "I saw a Tiger":
He's really putting the "cats in heat" with this one.
Join us as we transition to our true identity starting today.
We hope this brings more happiness to you than a farm full of kitties chasing butterflies. Or a space cat with rainbow thrusters shooting lasers.

To partake in the fun, show us your kitties and tag us at #thekittenstate or get the decal to support Carol's Ferals.

Get The Decal.

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