August 23, 1975: The Pontiac Silverdome's 1st game

Pontiac Silverdome

Today in 1975, 62,000 screaming fans watched the Detroit Lions beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the very first game ever played at the Silverdome.

Oh, the Silverdome... Let's take a quick trip down memory lane:

Pontiac Silverdome Sketch

September 19th, 1973: Construction started.

The Lions were sharing the Tigers' home turf at Briggs Stadium, so this was a big, domey, silvery big deal for everyone. It took 2 years and cost $55.7 million.

August 23rd, 1975: Not quite ready, but screw it!

The Silverdome was 95% complete, but that didn't stop the first ever Lions game from taking place. So what did that unfinished 5% look like? Well... Unfinished parking lots, toilets that didn't flush, massive traffic jams, and a dome that was half finished, allowing the previous night's downpour to soak the Astroturf.

But who cares? The Lions won 27-24 with 3 touchdowns coming in the last quarter!


September, 1977: Hello, Pistons!

Detroit Pistons | Silverdome

The Detroit Pistons left Cobo and played at the Dome for the next 10 years, until the Palace was ready for the '88 season. A portable wooden court and grandstands were installed on the field.

Detroit Bad Boys

But most importantly, the Bad Boys were born here.


January 24, 1982: Super Bowl XVI

Bengals vs 49ers. And the first Super Bowl ever played in a cold weather state. In Michigan. Because we rock. 'Nuff said.

Super Bowl XVI


March 29th, 1987: BIGGER! BETTER! BADDER!

Wrestlemania III | Hogan vs André

It doesn't get any more '80s than this... Hulk Hogan vs André the Giant. Wrestlemania III packed over 93,000 fans into the Silverdome, setting a record for the largest indoor stadium attendance ever in North America. Several million watched over Pay-Per-View, also setting a record.

Wrestlemania III


December 21st, 1997: Barry gets 2,000 yards.

Barry rushed for 184 yards against the the New York Jets, in a 13-10 win. And ended the season with 2,053 yards. The third guy ever do it in a single season in the NFL.

 Barry Sanders | 2,000 yards


January 26th, 2002: The last game.

The Lions played the Dallas Cowboys. 27 seasons and 208 games played. It was a bittersweet moment... Excited to go to the new digs, but man, oh man, a lot of stuff happened here.


Thanks for the memories, Silverdome!

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