There might be more beer than water in Michigan.

Photo by @reyguy
If you live in Michigan, you know 2 things: we're surrounded by magnificent bodies of water and we're surrounded by magnificent breweries of... craft(?). You also know that winter can last an eternity, but it's summer so let's pretend that doesn't exist.
We're surrounded by so much beer, in fact, that Grand Rapids won back-to-back national contests for the Beer City, USA crown. I think that contest ended, but let's choose to be optimists: that means GR is the reigning, uncontested Beer City champ until some scrappy city decides to tear away that title from our cold, mug holding hands.
So, we celebrate. Which is convenient, what with so much beer to celebrate with. We dug this out of our vault:
It's got subtle notes of awesomeness and blended hints of softness for a satisfying summer pairing with your favorite torso. Also, the Mitten is the mug and the foam overflowing from the top is the Upper Peninsula.
Kinda like this one, one of the original Mitten State tees from year 1:
Check out some beer tees here... [awesome link to beer tees].
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