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Spartans vs Wolverines | THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE

As a company founded by a Spartan and a Wolverine, there's something we could always agree on this time of year: there can be only one. One winner. One team on top.

The Quickening

So that's this year's theme leading up to the game on October 20th.

Every day, for the next 18 days, we're giving away Spartan or Wolverine gear. 

But here's the catch: one team per day. Just like in college football, there can't be two winners (I'm looking at you, '97 Nebraska Cornhuskers).

You decide which team gets gear with your vote. Each day, the fans of the team with the most votes will get the giveaway. Spartans OR Wolverines. Not both. We'll only pick winners from the winning team.

But hold on...

Is there a prize that's grand?

Like a grand prize, you mean? Yes. Yes there is.

At the end of 18 days of giveaways (aka, THE QUICKENING), the fans of the team with the most overall votes will be eligible for a grand prize of $500 worth of apparel.

Join in here:

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