Gus Macker: WE GOT NEXT!

"No, no, the curb's out. The tape don't mean nothin'." -Player in the 1985 tournament, and probably someone you're related to, if you're from Michigan.

It started in 1973... 18 friends all tossed in a buck to go at each other in a driveway in Lowell, Michigan. Now 45 years later, there have been 670,000 teams and 27.5 million spectators.

Gus Macker is THE godfather of street basketball.

Gus Macker 1974

Pictured above, the first t-shirt for year 1 of the tournament.

Gus Macker Tourney

There's an awesome Sports Illustrated article in their vault, complete with a rap from a player:

I never really knew what basketball meant
'til I went to the Gus Macker tournament
It was lotsa people from different races
And everywhere ya looked there were smilin' faces
And the only thing that coulda brought 'em all together
Was a li'l ball, made of leather.

-Robert S "I put the rap in Grand Rapids", 1985

Go here for the vintage t-shirt. It's based on our incredible visit with Scott McNeal at his offices in Belding. The design is the original Macker Peanut Man (because of the dimples drawn in by the original artist).


Who's got next?
Will "The Tape Don't Mean Nothin'" Wannabe Macker

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