Essential, non-essential, extraterrestrial? We all have a role!!!

We Salute You!

We have nothing but respect for our frontline responders! YOU are hands-down the real MVPs!!! This design is, essentially, for you!

But, in times like these, we also need a bit of humor in our lives! Let’s not forget about those that have been labeled "non-essential." What even is that!?
Well, I’ll tell you what it is…

It means you have the gumption and perseverance to stare solitude in its good eye and yell at Netflix that “YES!” you indeed are still there, 7 seasons deep into The Office.

It Means...

You divvy out a square of toilet paper to family members like you're in a prison game of poker and you turn left overs into left over left overs that would make even Gordon Ramsey proud.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re non-essential. Rather, use it as your battle cry!!!

Next time you’re forced to “show up” for another Zoom meeting... wear your label with pride - pants optional.


A portion of proceeds from these designs will be donated to: 

The Kids' Food Basket

While schools are closed, we can help feed those who need it most.

Stay Comfy, Michigan!

Get the Tee.

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  • Victoria Denman

    Thank you!!

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