Congratulations, Wolverines!

Paul Bunyan Trophy | Michigan
Wait, wuutttt? A rivalry road game win?!  AWWWWW YEAH.
Congrats, Wolverines!
And about that pre-game skirmish... Harbaugh called it:


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Harbaugh's take on the pre-game scuffle between both teams (with video):


  • Bethany

    Hi Linda!
    I have applied that $8 discount to your order for you. Let us know if we can help with anything else! Thanks, go blue!! (:

  • Will

    Hey Linda! I’ve passed this along to Bethany. She’ll contact you regarding your order!

  • Timothy Villareal

    Lol “this is bushleague” – Ron Burgundy

  • Stephen Freeman

    Go Blue!!!!

  • Linda Highley

    I placed an order early today #23572 and now I get this email for $8 off with BUSHLEAGUE code. Can this be applied to my order or do I have to cancel it and start over?
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