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Recently, we launched this.
And I gotta say, I spent most of the day laughing at how many times we mispronounced 'pasty' despite making an entire thing of how one sounds like something that has tassles and the other one is a portable meal.
And then we found this.
The 15th Annual Pasty Fest is this Saturday! And you know they have a good sense of humor about it when their best seller last year was this:
Pasty Tassles
Pasty Fest details:
Where: Calumet, Michigan
When: Saturday, August 18th (12-6pm)
Why: Seriously, do you need to ask?
More info available on their website and Facebook page.
My recommendation? If you're within a 30 mile radius, your Saturday is now BOOKED. Also, 3 music stages.
You're welcome,
Co-Founder | Pasty Fan | You Decide Which Kind

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