Help make the Great Lakes healthy and safe for everyone.

We Can Make the Great Lakes Cleaner and Healthier!

If there's one thing that unites Michiganders, it’s our love for the Great Lakes. Unfortunately, our lakes have become vulnerable to invasive species, toxic substances, and proposed budget cuts. The good news? We can help! Our goal with this design is to raise funds and awareness to organizations that are working to keep our Great Lakes Great.

Throughout the summer, we will be updating this page to let you know about local beach cleanups and offer opportunities for individuals who help cleanup earn tees, hats, and more!To us, the Great Lakes are Great! Let’s work together to keep them that way! 

Proceeds go to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, which works to protect the Great Lakes for generations to come! 

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The Great Lakes

90% North America's fresh surface water.
$7 billion fishing industry.
35 million rely on the Great Lakes for drinking water.

Help Keep the Great Lakes Great!

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