Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It knows no socio-economic boundaries; it affects the young and the old; it strikes the rich and the poor. Addiction has the power to end lives and fracture families, but there’s a proven way to stop it.

Detroit Red Wings Announcer Ken Daniels and his family established the Jamie Daniels Foundation in honor of his late son, Jamie, who died from an overdose at the age of 23 while receiving treatment for addiction. Despite the support of his family, Jamie’s life was tragically lost due to substandard care and the predatory practices that exist in the billion dollar addiction-recovery business.

The Jamie Daniels Foundation supports individuals and families who are struggling with addiction by providing the education, resources, professional guidance, and support they need to make recovery possible. We believe that when people have access to the best knowledge, resources, and care, they can put their lives back together and become stronger than they’ve ever been.

Together We Can Help Fight Addiction!

The Mitten State has teamed up with Mickey Redmond and the Jamie Daniels Foundation to
help support individuals and families who are struggling with addiction. 

Proceeds from every shirt purchased will go directly to the Jamie Daniels Foundation!