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A Lesson From Our Great Lakes:

In times like these, it's important to Be Great to one another. We have a lot more in common than we sometimes realize. Just like our Great Lakes are generous, resilient, and resourceful so are the people they surround. So, let's take a lesson from our Great Lakes and Be Great to one another.

A perk of being great to one another you ask? You can wake up feelin' superior ol' chap!

Take a deep breath. Slow down. Center yourself. Dig deeper than the waters of Lake Superior to find your Zen!

Super soft heather tri-blend tee.
Designed in Michigan.
Assembled in USA.


All TMS apparel is designed with vintage blends and run a bit slimmer than traditional cuts. For more information please refer to the sizing charts below: 

XS = Y6
S = Y8
M = Y10
L = Y12
XL = Y14


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