Great Blizzard of 78

January 26, 2017

Great Blizzard of 78

Once a year, we celebrate the legendary blizzard that struck Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes region on January 25, 1978. Snow piled high, highways closed, kids went sledding. The storm lasted 3 days, and for each of those days, we'll be giving away free Blizzard gear on Facebook and Instagram.

This year, for each Blizzard day, keep those fingers warm and those eyes peeled for:

Head over to the Westside store for a chance to win a Blizzard Survival Kit!

Say Yes or Say Yah?

January 18, 2017

Say Yes or Say Yah?

Do you say “Yes”? Or do you say “Yah”? Even though our peninsulas are separated by 5 miles of the Mighty Mac's glorious steel and asphalt, it seems like we’re worlds apart.

What’s so different, you ask? Where to begin….

1. What we look like.

• In the UP: you troll around in inappropriate clothing for the cold.
• In the LP: you are a troll.

2. What our first day of the Spring is like.

• In the UP: "Come on in, the water's great!"
• In the LP: "Is it too early for shorts?"

3. What going to the bar is like.

• In the UP: you stand in line to wrestle a bear for a beer.
• In the LP: you stand in line to wrestle the complexities of the hop choice in your beer.

4. What leaving the bar is like.

• In the UP: what waiting for an Uber looks like.
• In the LP: what waiting for an Uber feels like.

Are you a "Yes" or a "Yah"? 

Toledo War Champs!

January 11, 2017

Sometimes, losing actually means winning.

Ohio may have gained an inch here:

But, we gained 16,377 square miles here:

When Michigan and Ohio disputed ownership of the territory along their shared border in 1835, A.K.A., the Toledo Strip, a nearly bloodless "war" broke out (zero casualties, one injury). Michigan lost the dispute and Ohio won control of Toledo.

As a "consolation prize", we received the Upper Peninsula:

What did we get with that "2nd place prize"?

1. Iron ore exports.
2. Pasties. Lots of pasties.
3. Boundless natural beauty.
4. Tom Izzo, exporter of championships.

And so years later, it's pretty clear who actually won that war. Along the way, we've lost a couple of battles here and there with Ohio but remember, kids: we won the war

No blind refs or botched calls can take that away from us.

From all of us here in Michigan, we have one thing to say:

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