June 8, 2011


Wow, it's been hot lately in The Mitten State.  Like, 95 and humid hot.  There's a cool down coming, which sounded great until we thought about it--  we actually love the heat and sun and we say, bring on the Dog Days of Summer!  Even as I type this, the office windows are revealing a cloudy sky and winds are picking up.  Hopefully it heats back up soon.  Cause vintage t-shirt weather is where it's at for us!


Any way, to the point: we work pretty hard at TMS.  As you can see by the photo above, sometimes we stray from our fanatical compulsions to keep organized and streamlined.  It may not look too messy to some, but if you were to spend any amount of time at the TMS office, you'd know that messy desks mean we're getting hammered on the workload front.  In fact, we're getting busy enough that we got our first intern (OHHH YEAAAAH!!).  So if you've sent us an email and didn't hear back from us right away: we apologize.  We're going through our inboxes as quickly as we can, and we'll answer everyone's questions. :)


And now for a little test:  we're wondering how many people actually read our blog.  We know some do when we post a link on our TMS Facebook page, but other than that... we're thinking our overall traffic doesn't support a large blog audience.  So...  If you've read this far you're about to be rewarded.  Leave a comment at the bottom of this post (be sure to click on the post title to access the individual post) and the first, oh... 3 people to respond will receive a free Mitten Decal. :)  After posting, shoot us an email at info@TheMittenState.com to collect!



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