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About This Design:

Designed in Michigan | Made in USA | The MItten StateIn 2010, we were looking at ways of incorporating our Mitten State logo in unique and creative ways.  Like most red blooded Americans, we love local micro-brews and Michigan seemed to be a hotbed of locally produced beers. We took the Mitten shape and turned it into a beer mug, with the U.P. as the foam pouring out the side.  We then took a cue from 1970s era graphic design and kept the lines as simple and as few as possible.  It's now our best seller in the Men's category of vintage shirts.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved creating it.



Michigan is home to some of the best micro brews and beers in the country. According to the Brewers Association, we rank No. 6 in number of breweries (70) and No. 15 by breweries per capita. Whether you're drinking a pale ale or a stout, make it local. Drink local. Super soft print on a cotton/poly/rayon blend for extra vintage-osity. Designed in Michigan. Made in the USA.
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